Mar 19, 2009

First Love

With all that's going on in the world right now I keep coming back to the same basic truth. Jesus. Our country is standing on the edge of a sword. Yet, with all of the struggles we are facing financially as a nation there is still more at stake.

May the church rise up out of it's slumber and raise a voice that is louder than the voice of the enemy. Our Lord is yearning for us to turn back to Him with a burning passion. If we are lukewarm He will vomit us out of His mouth. Like a groom longs for the desire of his bride, so does our Lord long for our desire to be for Him. May we return to our first love and never look back.

Mar 6, 2009


The old lady creeped along the street. She stopped and pulled out a handkerchief. Only the elderly still see the significance of tissue you don't discard after each use. She blew her nose and stuffed the material back in her purse. She began to creep again. A young man dashed by on his skate board and she acted as though she did not even notice. He was too fast for her slow eyes. She crept some more. What was her destination? I think it was heaven, she was just taking a slight detour down these dirty old streets.