Jan 26, 2010

Really, Really

For the past couple of months God has been gradually building a word in my heart…meditate. It keeps creeping into my thoughts and in scriptures and in what people say and what I read. It’s been everywhere! I just love it when God does that. I love it when He speaks to us over time and through different venues until we go…aha!

I think most of us can say that we know meditating on God's Word is important and that we should do it. But how many of us really do it on a regular basis? I mean...really, really do it until it seeps down into our bones and we literally feel as though we are part of the Scripture? I realize how I can read the Word and not always meditate on it, chew it, savor it, and contemplate it. I love to read God’s Word because I know, that I know, that I know it’s Truth…but I still at times rush through it, thinking that somehow it will just soak into my heart because I really want it to.

All throughout scripture it speaks about meditating on God’s Word and on His character. I think it’s pretty important for us to not just discipline ourselves to read God’s Word daily but also to really think about it…all day long. Isn’t it better to understand and meditate on one scripture than it is to read three chapters and not remember any of it?

Psalm 119:15
I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways…

Jan 22, 2010

Beer Bottles

As I was driving down the road today I saw a guy crouching down grabbing frantically at something that had fallen onto the pavement. Broken glass bottles lay all over. They were beer bottles. At least a dozen had hit the surface and exploded. I saw him grab one as he tried to gulp down the remaining contents.

It was sad, but it was also a little humorous. I know...it shouldn't have been. Poor guy. He did look pitiful. I can't say I understand how he felt since I don't drink alcohol but I can imagine for him it was a pretty traumatic event.

I'm not as horrible as I sound...I did say a prayer for him as I drove away...

But, I guess he did learn his lesson today. Don't walk a long distance with a huge box of full beer bottles...or at least next time get cans.

Jan 1, 2010


Another new year has begun...

I'm wondering what will happen in this new year to come. What changes will occur and what things will stay the same? It's good to have both change and consistency; I don't know if we could live a healthy life without one or the other.

I'm very thankful for the many, many blessings the Lord has given me. I know I could not count them all, especially since many blessings are unseen. God takes care of me and He gives me above and beyond what I need...because He loves me.

It's easy for us...for me to dwell on the negative...but there is so much more to be thankful for. I pray that the Lord's goodness would truly follow me all the days of my life and that I would forever sing His praises. Here's to a new year full of hope and possibilities from a God that is full of surprises.