Oct 7, 2010

To Risk

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams lately. Not the kind that plays in our mind at night, but dreams that we think about during the day.

When I was little I had many dreams. Most of them were the kind of dreams that only a five year old would have. But some of them are dreams that I still hold onto today. I believe that there are dreams that God places in us at a young age and continue to grow throughout our lives. They may disappear for a while, as if under a fog, but they are still there as soon as a little sun pops out.

The question is how far do we follow our dreams? Do we allow them to take us into uncharted territory? Do we allow them to bring us to places we never thought we would be and wonder if it’s just too risky? How risky is too risky?

We pray, we ask for wisdom, we seek counsel, we do everything we can logically do and then…we jump. We jump because if we don’t we might suffocate in the comfortable world we have created for ourselves. Or...we can just wander in the desert for forty years.

It’s true that it’s easier said than done to jump into the deep and unknown. But God brings us to places in our lives where the idea of jumping with Him sounds…impossible…but necessary. God knows we all have the tendency to “be safe” and choose to wander in the comfortable. I’m glad my God nudges me into the unknown. With Him life is never boring and it’s good to know that with my God I can do all things…even follow my dreams.