Dec 9, 2011

One month...

One month from Sunday is Paxton's due date...our coming baby boy. It's seems so surreal. I actually have a baby inside of me and he's actually going to come out and be a real live person. It's amazing to me how billions of people have had babies and yet when it happens to you it seems like a completely new and foreign concept.

So, here we go! Wesley and I are about to become actual parents. I've been praying that we will be good ones. I know Wesley will be an amazing Father! He's so wonderful and Paxton couldn't ask for a better Daddy. I think I'm more excited about Wesley meeting him face to face for the first time than I am. Maybe because I've felt connected to Paxton from the beginning...since he's pretty much taken over my entire body!

We love you Paxton Wesley Douglas Perkins and we can't wait to meet you, hug you, squeeze you, kiss you and spoil you!!! You're going to be amazing.