Jun 24, 2009

Road Trip...woo hoo

So, I’m leaving for Seattle on Friday. And no, Wesley Poo is not coming with me. I know! This is the first time we will be apart for this long. I made him promise to plan out his entire weekend so that I won’t worry about him being alone. He has done a great job. He’s pretty much crammed full of weekend activity! Way to go Wesley Poo!

So, I get to visit my Smeagel and stay with Deanna! It’s going to be a great weekend of girl fun! I can’t wait! I have the best friends ever!

On that note, Mindy Loo moved to Texas on Sunday. Oh, how I miss my friends who moved to Texas so far away from me! My Ashley Nay, Jordan, and now Mindy Loo…so far away. I have little pieces of my heart all over the country. I hope you are doing well in Texas Mindy! I will come visit my Texas peeps soon!

I am, of course, lucky to still have WONDERFUL friends here in good ol Grants Pass. Oh, how I am blessed with amazing friendships, Husband, and family! Eeee! So blessed!

So, bid me farewell while I travel to my Northern friends for the weekend. Say a little prayer for my Wesley Poo and may your life be as blessed as mine with great friendships and an amazing Lord who lavishes me with such.

Toodles for now!

Jun 15, 2009

Kindness to Monday

This morning was one of "those mornings". I can blame it on the fact that it was a Monday morning, but what did Monday really ever do to me? It's not Monday's fault that it's the day after a glorious, work free weekend. I feel as though Monday really gets a bad rap...and I have to admit I have jumped on this band wagon quite often.

I wonder if some people feel like a Monday.

For all those people out there...sorry. It's not your fault your a Monday; you're just doing your job the best you know how. May a little kindess and appreciation roll your way. May you wake up tomorrow and feel just like a...


Jun 4, 2009

expectations...not good

I have a friend that always says, "We all need to learn how to get along here on earth because we'll be stuck in heaven together for a long time."

I've realized that so many times I've allowed myself to get caught up in how others treat me rather than how I treat them. I allow people I care about to determine what mood I will be in for that day. This isn't right. Where is my foundation laid? If it's on a rock than I won't be easily shaken.

I'm not saying it's easy! When someone I love ignores me or forgets to remember me, it hurts. But if I'm to live in joy and peace I need to set my focus and my feelings on something...on Someone who will never dissapoint me.

Lord, forgive me for my expectations of how others should treat me. Help me to remember to treat them with love and kindness and let go of the rest. I can only control my actions, I can never control the actions of others. But thank you for those unexpected treats when someone I love showers me with kindness and affection. Those unexpected times come in like a sweet river...refreshing my soul.

p.s. Oh, and Wesley Poo, you always make me feel special. I'm not sure how you do it, but you do.