Nov 19, 2009


Yesterday I tried not to complain…
Yesterday I got upset…
Yesterday I felt tired and weary…
Yesterday I wrote a new song…
Yesterday I chatted with friends…from Texas.

Yesterday I went to bed and thought too much…

Nov 12, 2009

The Closet

There once was a woman who complained all the time.
She was not that much fun to be around.

She would complain about this, or complain about that,
and her eyes would roll, roll, roll around.

She complained so much one day her head turned quite blue,
the people listening were afraid and didn't know what to do.

So they pushed her into a closet and shut the door hard,
and the woman complained that they pushed her to far.

She fell, fell, fell through the floor of the closet,
and landed on what she thought was grass.

But she opened her eyes and began to panic,
For she then realized where she was at.

She was surrouned by beady eyes and inquistive faces,
there was a dull melody that played all around.

Yes, this was the place she would dream about nightly,
it was the very place she feared the most of all.

"Oh, how I wish I was back with the others,
I do wish I hadn't complained."

And she chuckled out loud at her frantic statement,
for the place she once hated was never to blame.

Nov 3, 2009

The Large Man

There once was a large man, but he didn't know that he was large. Everyday he would stroll through the great forest whistling his favorite tune. It helped him to think, strolling through the forest and whistling. Today he was thinking about Molly and how pretty she was and how he wished she would smile at him and accompany him to the Fall Town Festival. As he strolled through the forest thinking on these things and whistling he noticed something was stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Why, it was the most peculiar thing he'd seen in a while...a mushroom with purple dots...and it smelled like scones.