Aug 30, 2007

Ashley and Jordan

So far from home,
they ventured away.
My heart was torn,
but could not ask them to stay.

"I love you so much!"
I wished them farewell.
My Ashley and Jordan,
so many good things to tell!

"Wish they could be here",
Mindy and I spoke with care.
But don't worry my friends,
more adventures we'll share!

God has given you favor,
and your faith makes you strong.
Just remember we love you,
and in our hearts you'll always belong!

Love you both and miss you very much!!! :)

Aug 29, 2007

The Power of Encouragement

What is it about encouragement that makes one believe they can do anything? Words really are life or death. If someone believes in me it makes me want to rise to any challenge and soar. If someone tears me down I want to dig myself a little hole and stay in it...forever.

I was pondering last night. Everything we say needs to be seasoned with love. When we rebuke a brother or sister in Christ it needs to be through love and done in a way that builds them up. I know for myself when someone points out a flaw in me I receive it so much better when they do it in a way of encouragement. When they show me that they believe in me and my character. When someone believes in me, believes in who I am inside, I want to do all that I can to live up to that standard.

Thoughts to think about. Do my words really make that much of a difference in someone's life? Do I build up or do I tear down? Am I an encourager or an enforcer? Do I love or do I judge? It's important to hold each other accountable. When I see someone slipping into something that will harm them it's my duty to save them...because I love them. I am just as much a sinner as anyone else. So when I rebuke someone I'm knowing in my heart that I could be sitting right where they are at. What would I want to hear? What would make me want to turn from sin?


Aug 28, 2007


I love the morning. I love getting up early when it's quiet, peaceful and almost light. When the birds are just starting to chirp and the dew is heavy on the earth. I can hear God whispering in the morning. I can feel His breath and hear his heart. I think He likes the mornings too. I sit and drink a cup of coffee and read the Word and everything just seems to fall into place. God is there (most likely drinking some coffee as well) and He's grateful that I'm with Him, enjoying His presence.

I ran this morning as well. Its interesting...running that is. It's interesting to me how I actually get myself in the car, drive to Rita's and run. I don't really like to run. I like the feeling afterwards, but I hate it while I'm doing it. But, I decided to start running for the fact that I don't like to do it. It's pushes me beyond my comfort zone and too often in this world we only aim for the things that please us. When my legs and lungs start burning I start thinking to myself what Jesus went through as He stumbled through the streets heading for his death. If He can endure the Cross, surely I can endure the pain of running. Surely I can stretch myself a little bit and learn to discipline myself in things I don't necessarily like to do.

I'm not sure what peaceful mornings and running have to do with eachother but...there it is. I'm about to head off to SOU to register for my classes and I'm...excited. Its nice to be excited instead of fearful. It's nice to anticipate something in a good way. You know's nice to just be alive.

Aug 27, 2007


Well, I'm back home. It's good to be back. I had a great time in Seattle though. Lots of funny moments and time to just sit and reflect. Lots of Starbucks (okay maybe too much Starbucks) and lots of yummy food, friends and randomness. I love randomness!

It's funny how we try to squeeze God in a tiny little box. I mean, we all know we do it but sometimes it just hits me. He really doesn't ever do the thing I expect Him to do. But it's way cool to just sit back and see what He does do. I love how He orchestrates so many different things together, it makes my head hurt to try and think about it. He's been doing that a lot lately, blowing my mind. When I actually take the time to open my eyes to the little things He does all day long it's crazy. It's wonderful. It's exhilirating. It's...passionate. It's so much better than what I would come up with!

"Jesus...thanks for being You. Thanks for being random. Thanks for making me feel alive and for doing things in a complete mind blowing way! Thanks for taking care of the little things, the big things, the things I hold onto and don't want to let go of. You take care of it all and do it in a way that makes me laugh, makes me sing and makes me wanna spin around and shout for joy! You are amazing!"

Aug 25, 2007

Seattle...Day 5

Just got done doing pilates with my friend Deanna and about six other women I've never met. Very entertaining to say the least. Good times. Now we are back in her apartment getting ready for the day. I think we might catch a chick flick and who knows what else. Probably pretty chill. I leave tomorrow. Head back to GP...say goodbye to Seattle for who knows how long. It's kind of sad. But, I'm happy to be coming home as well.

The sun is hiding again today. I can't really tell if my mood matches the weather or if the weather some how matches my mood. I'm sure its not the latter, but its nice to think the world revolves around me sometimes. :)

I feel like God's testing me. Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever felt the hand of God on you, knowing He's just waiting to see what you do?

It's pleasing to serve the Lord. Good to obey His commands and follow His precepts. The righteous will be lifted up in due time. At the proper time. In God's time. It's good to wait upon the Lord.

Hard...but good.

Aug 24, 2007

Seattle...Day 4

It's getting late and my mind is mush. Not much to say this evening. Or maybe too much to say I just don't know where to start. Lots on the mind I suppose. Another good day though. A great day.

Aug 23, 2007

Seattle...Day 3

I wish at times I could have lunch with someone random...just sit there and listen to what they have to say. I sit at a small table, outiside Bell Square, and write notes on my new red-mini calender I purchased at Barnes and Noble. It's quite cute. I watch the people walk by. I wonder where they are going and why. A few people smile at me as I sit alone, but most just walk by with a false look of determination. Is where they are heading really all that important? Does walking faster make one seem like they have more of a purpose?

An elderly lady sits close by and fiddles with her cell phone. She looks perplexed. I wonder how long she's actually owned a cell phone or if it's even hers. Her grandaughters maybe? I take a swig from my Starbucks White Mocha and soak in the sun...are rare surprise here in Northern Washington. A pleasant one though.

I hear my phone's my friend Emmy. She wants me to have curry with her and her mom tonight. I accept. Mmm...curry.

I grab my stuff and start walking down the street. I hear a band in the distance and go to check it out. I laugh. It's sidewalk rock-a-roke (the intense hard core version of karoke I would presume.) I sit and listen to three people make fools of themselves and love every minute of it. I applaud their courage.

It's nice today. Pleasant. I feel good. I enjoy this time alone. I smile. I say something to God, something that only He would understand. We both smile. Today is good.

Aug 22, 2007

Seattle...Day 2

Everything happens for a reason. I'm really starting to believe this. God works everything together for the good of those who love Him. What safety there is in knowing that all things work together for good...our mistakes, our joys, our fears, our passions, our dreams, our failures and our histories...they all work together to make something good, something beautiful, something unique and God inspired.

My friends car broke down today so we bummed around the car lot, talked to the sales people, walked down the street, and then went to an outlet near by. Not what we had planned but it turned out...good. Everything happens for a reason.

I am blessed. I have probably the best friends in the world. I am surrounded by such great people it amazes me at times. I am enriched everyday just by spending time with them. The things I fear pale in comparison to the joys I find in the simple things. Is it possible to be blessed more than I already am? What satisfies? What's the one thing that will complete me? What is it that I'm waiting for? I already have everything I need...anything more is just icing on the cake.

Aug 21, 2007

Seattle...Day 1

Blog mania! Isn't this fun? I love to read and write...why didn't I ever do this before? Ashley silly girl! She is amazing isn't she?

Seattle. The land of rain, volcanoes, malls and Starbucks. Nothing calls to me more than the possiblity of having a latte in hand while reading a good book. This is what I call a vacation. Spice it up with some great friends and you've got yourself a real treat. Uh huh.

I sit in my friends apartment in downtown Bellevue, Washington, with the sound of cars in the distance and Jeremy Camp playing ever so softly. The clouds have not dissapointed...they are a reliable piece of Washington that greet me with open arms. However, as I sit in a somewhat pensive mood today I enjoy the grey. What is it about having our moods match the weather? Is God pensive with me? Or does He just understand?

Again I keep hearing the word 'surrender'. It always comes back to that doesn't it? Surrender, trust, patiently waiting for God's best. Surrender..."to relinquish possession or control of to give up or back that which has been granted...the act of giving up one's person or possession's into the authority of another or relinquishing one's power, aims or goals". Ouch. This is according to the American Heritage Dictionary on the word 'surrender'.

Jeremy Camps song on surrender plays perfectly on cue. Lord, are you trying to say something? Hmmm.

"Father, give me the strength to believe. Give me the strength to walk by faith. Give me the courage to risk, to love and to trust."