Feb 26, 2010

Olympics, Mom, and God

My mom is a die hard Olympic fan. Since the 2010 Olympics started she has stayed up every night to at least midnight to watch them. She loves the Olympics. I would be there right along with her except that Wesley and I don’t have a TV. Wes and I watched it last night though…with my mom. She was so tired I had to keep waking her up. Poor thing. She wanted so badly to watch the figure skating which just happened to be the last event they aired…of course. It didn’t start until 11pm.

“Mom…mom…Mom…MOM…MOM !!!”

NO response. She was dead out…sleeping like a baby. Finally I shook her and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Mom…the women’s final program is starting.”

She summoned every ounce of energy she had, sat up, and watched all six girls skate as well as the medal ceremony at the end. She looked so tired but she would not give up! You go mom!

God’s like that too…like my Mom. He’s relentless. He’s our number one fan and even if he’s dead tired (figuratively speaking) he will summon every ounce of energy He has to cheer us on to the end. He cheers us on even if we don’t medal. None of the USA girls medaled last night by the way…but my mom still watched them skate…she still cheered USA on and gave those girls her undivided attention.

Like I said…God’s like that too…He gives us His undivided attention even when he knows we won’t always come out on top. He just loves to watch us shine, and we don't have to be gold medal winners to shine like a star.

Feb 19, 2010


I was upset yesterday…with God…because He didn’t give me what I asked for.

It seems silly now but I was running late and all I really wanted at that time was green lights and a great parking spot right by the entrance door. I mean, my friend was waiting for me and I was asking God in my most sweetest way.

“What! Another red light? Seriously?”

Okay…I might be hitting every red light but maybe God will give me the most amazing parking spot ever and it will make up for all the time I’ve lost. Of course…that’s what He’ll do!


I had to park a block away and run to the restaurant. What’s the deal? Doesn’t God care that I didn’t want to be late? It wasn’t even my fault that I was running late…it was miscommunication! Come on!

After some thinking and soul searching I realized I may have been acting a little bit spoiled. Okay…a lot spoiled. Just because I ask for something doesn’t mean God has to give it to me. And the big clincher is…everything He does is good and perfect. So it was actually good for me that I didn’t get what I asked for at that time. Ugh.

Doesn’t it always seem to come back to trust? I have to trust that God loves me and does what’s best for me even when I’m running late and getting stuck behind the slowest driver’s in America and hitting every red light in the universe and having to park a mile away from the front door! Yes…even then God loves me and is taking care of me.

Could it be that learning trust and patience is more important than getting what I always want? Hmmmm….

Feb 17, 2010

I think I can, I think I can

I’m on a mission…

to think…

more positively.

It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be! I’m starting to realize how often I entertain negative thoughts when I don’t even realize it. You know, like woe-is-me thoughts. Jesus commands us to think about things that are true, lovely, pure, noble, and good. So when I think about depressing thoughts or woe-is-me thoughts I’m actually disobeying Him. Eeek.

So, like I said…I’m on a mission. I’m trying to be more aware of what I’m dwelling on. Am I thinking something negative or positive? Am I entertaining a thought that is uplifting or dragging me down? Am I being mean to myself by thinking how awful I am or how wonderful God has made me to be? Am I thinking how wonderful God made you to be?

It’s hard always trying to think positive…but it has to be possible since God tells us to do it. So…here I go!

Feb 9, 2010

To Change

I think one of the things that I fear the most is the possibility that the older I get the less I will want to change. That scares me. I don’t want to be one of those old people who are “set in their ways”. I look at myself now and I see all this “stuff” that needs to go away, needs to change, needs to grow and I can tell it’s going to take a while. I can’t afford to become hard hearted because I have a lot of renewing to do and transforming to undertake.

Lord, I pray that I will always be willing to change and grow. I want to become more like You and I realize that it’s going to take a long time. My heart’s desire is to be changed by the power of your blood and to never ever stop.

Feb 5, 2010

Happy Day!

It's sunny outside today! Oh bliss. They said it was going to rain for the next thousand days...but they were wrong! The sun is kissing my face and making me all joyful and fuzzy inside. We should all go outside and twirl or something!

Feb 3, 2010

My Dream

Does everyone have a dream? Does everyone have this burning desire inside of them that they always return to? It seems like I'll be content for a while, maybe even months or years, and then I always return back to my dream. It's this constant nagging inside of my heart, almost as if it's a living part of me.

Curious what my dream is? I'm curious what your's is, but for now I think I'll just let mine float in the air around me. Because, I know you have a dream too, and I think it would be grand if all our dreams could float around together and make friends without competition.

May all our dreams come true. There is room enough in this world for all of us and our dreams to succeed and succeed well.