Oct 26, 2007

I saw many things while I was in Paraguay. I ponder what I learned while I was there and what I can take with me as I return to my routine at home. The team I went with, the people I spent 12 days with were amazing. As a team we did more than any of us could have done alone. We loved sick children. We built them a swing set, a playground and made them tables and cabinets. We offered them medicine and hugs. But most of all, we offered them hope. I've learned that hope is a gift. Hope gives life. Hope sustains us. Without hope people perish. We worked hard while we were there, but the impact of what we did doesn't even come close to the impact that God's hope can give.

So, I keep asking myself this question. How can I offer hope? It might be different in each place. In Paraguay an aspirin or a touch on someone's shoulder offers a hope that someone might not understand in the U.S. But, hope needs to be shed everywhere. Jesus' love needs to be shown.

I thank the Lord for giving me the gift of Paraguay. I thank Him for allowing me to meet amazing new people there, where language held no barrier. I thank Him that I got to spend 12 days with people that amazed me and gave me encouragement and love. I thank Him that we worked hard and were blessed to see the fruit of our labor and anticipate even more.

There's really so much to say about our trip. But, I'll leave with this...through Christ's love all things are possible. I can't wait to see what He has in store for those who trust in Him.

Oct 10, 2007

Off to Paraguay!!!

Well, I'm off to Paraguay tomorrow! I have no idea what to expect, but I'm very excited about what God is going to do. Thank you, for all your prayers and support! I will write a detailed blog when I return of how our adventure in Paraguay went. I'm not taking my digital camera but will try and get some pictures on here to share. I attatched a couple photos of where we will be going that I got off the internet. We'll be checking the kids for various diseases and doing what we can with the medical supplies we are carrying with us. There are a few other projects we will be working on while we are there as well. Pray that God gives a double portion and that we have enough for everyone who comes to us. God can multiply anything!

I'll be back in two weeks! Adios!

Oct 5, 2007

God Made the Trees

About a year ago I was Christmas shopping. The place was packed and the customers were elbow to elbow. In the corner of my eye I noticed a cute brown-headed little girl with her mom. As her mom swiftly went from one rack to the next the girl tagged along. She was quiet, until she spoke.

"Hey mom!" she shouted out. She did startle a few older women but it didn't take long for them to resume their focus. She persisted. "HEY MOM!"

"Yes, hunny", the mom said while shuffling through some shirts.

Little Girl took that as her cue to continue.

"Did you know that GOD made worms? And MOM! Did you know that God made the grass? MOM! Did you know that God made the sky and the trees?"

While the rest of the customers tuned the little girl out, including her mother, I stared at that brown-headed girl in wonder. She was announcing God's goodness and stating how he had made everything that she loved. No. She wasn't stating it, she was yelling it out oblivious to any thoughts of ridicule or rejection. She had good news and she wanted her mom to share in it. She wasn't about to let her revelation of God's creation go unnoticed. I mean really...take a minute...think about it.


Pretty cool if you ask me.

Oct 3, 2007

Crunchy Leaves

She crunched through the fallen leaves all golden and brown. How she loved Fall; it was her favorite. The smell of chimney's and the brisk cool air on her cheeks made her heart warm. She waved at Mr. Peal and he waved back as if they knew what the other was thinking. She always liked Mr. Peal; he seemed like a happy man. Cookies awaited her at home but she lingered as the sky grew dim. Nothing could take her joy away today. She crunched another leaf and stuffed her hands in her pocket. How she loved Fall.