Dec 22, 2008

To much Snow!!!

Okay, when I prayed for snow I had no idea it would blizzard every where, BUT here! As much as I do love the snow, I would much rather have my friends and family safely here for the holidays! Sorry snow, I love them more! I am praying!!!

Dec 17, 2008


It's supposed to snow tonight! I know there are people who really don't want it to snow and have all these reasons why. Blah, blah, blah. I try to sympathise, but it's just so hard because I LOVE the SNOW!!! Eeeee!!! It's so white, fluffy, and snowman friendly. Ooooo...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Dec 9, 2008


We've been studying Tozer in our care group, "The Pursuit of God". In it Tozer talks about Abraham and Isaac. He explains Abraham in exruciating agony over the determination to sacrifice his only son. Tozer explains that we all must face this agony to some degree in our lives. God tests us all. God sets before us the things we cherish the most and asks us to surrender it to Him, no matter the cost. Are we willing to give up the ones we cherish? Are we willing to give up treasures here on earth for treasures in heaven? It's a hard question to ask, but one we all must face if we are to follow the heart of God. He wants to be number one in our lives, never number two. Like Abraham, we must walk the road of agony and sacrifice with one determination in mind: to surrender to our Father's will and not our own.

Dec 4, 2008

4 months ago...

Well, I've been married almost a whole 4 months now. I ran into an old bank customer today (one of my favorite customers) and Wesley and I enlightened him to this amazing information. He was very impressed. Almost as impressed as his 48 years of marriage. He said everything we need to know in marriage you learn in the first four months. I think he might have been being polite though. (Again, he was one of my favorite customers.) Although, I'm sure he could tell that Wesley was pretty amazing, even in the five minutes we talked. How could four months of marriage to my Wesley not be amazing? I don't think it's possible.