Jun 15, 2011

Waiting in the Unknown

Sometimes the Lord gives us a clear promise. We hear His emphatic ‘yes’ or just sense it deep down inside. But other times we wait in the unknown. I’ve been trying to figure out the whole faith thing the past few months. When do I believe and trust everything will be okay and when do I just surrender and say, “Lord, not my will but Yours be done”?

It seems to me that we live in a sort of in-between. Even if we do believe that everything will turn out the way we hope we still have to be willing to surrender to the Lord’s will. I don’t think this is giving up; I think it’s living in complete submission that the Lord is sovereign and we are not.

So, here some of us are…waiting in the unknown not really knowing how things might turn out. But I can trust and believe that whatever does happen the Lord is good and He’s holding me through it all…good or bad. That might not make it easier for the time I’m in waiting, but it does give me hope that my waiting won’t last forever and I can trust the One who is waiting for me with open arms. The One who has a plan and a future for me even when I might not see it so clear; by faith, I know it’s there at the end of my waiting.

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Marci Day said...

So good Case! I guess part of faith is trusting that HE knows all despite what we don't know or can't see.